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Warren Buffet is widely recognized as the most successful investor of our times. One of his habits is maintaining a file on his desk labelled ‘too hard’. These are complicated business models that he can’t...

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The stress-free environment of a train ride provides a wonderful opportunity for observation.  Immediately upon boarding, almost all passengers are in a panic to get wired up.  There is a lot of social pressure these...

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Long time passing. Years ago all of the small towns featured craftspeople such as coopers, blacksmiths, and cabinet makers. I can clearly recall the quilting bees that Mom held at our house. You can learn a lot just by watching...

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It has always been the belief that successful forecasting was solely an art, but clearly science is also involved. The illusion of knowledge, overconfidence, fixed and biased mindsets, not asking the right questions, overreaction,...

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One afternoon when my boys were younger they had quite a bunch of friends over and were playing in our backyard. However a large swarm of bees from under our deck was curtailing their activities. Eventually somebody got stung...

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