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A Cactus To The Rescue

Since the real definition of risk is not having enough money when you need to have it, the next few years may provide some challenging times for you as an investor. Your GIC and bonds will be lucky to cover inflation, and your standard mutual fund and stock portfolios are going to look pretty tired. I have also noticed recently that a lot of pension funds have been moving money out of their stock/bond investments in search of higher returns in alternative investments.

Here at Salute Financial Entrepreneurs we believe it is important to lead, not follow. Our marketing material says we take ‘a fresh approach to wealth management’ and we mean it. So after surveying this landscape we have recently introduced our second private pooled fund offering. We called it the Cactus Fund because the plant is very durable in harsh conditions.

It will feature a great blend of high-yielding opportunities and we would be excited to talk to you about our expected return targets. Real estate, private debt, infrastructure, and credit strategies are the main components. Investors will experience tax-advantaged income from a mix of commercial properties, REITs, mortgages, asset-backed loans for businesses, international debt, utilities, and pipelines.  

It may be time to divest some underperforming investments that are putting your portfolio in disarray. We have been doing our pre-launch homework and due diligence for a year on the Cactus. It is a ‘true alternative’ and will be a nice complement to our equity growth ‘Gilpin Fund’, which has thrilled us with its results since opening in July of 2013. Even a country boy like me finds the potential for this combination to be quite appealing.


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