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Reasons To Salute

Things are different here and here’s why

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Reasons To Salute

Here are 10 key ingredients behind our success:

  1. Our independence allows us to be client-first, not system-first. We are free to choose our own suggestions. There isn’t any pressure to sell any product. We actually listen and try to pay close attention to core values and beliefs, and where they came from. These are the conversations that are most important in discovering why you think about money the way you do.
  2. Pay for performance is our mantra. Because we always try to think ‘net’ return, we are not sales or commission-oriented. Instead, we are compensated from accounts on a fee-only basis.  With this partnership mentality, only when clients make more money do we make more money.  We do not charge any management fees on our pooled investment funds.  Therefore, we derive all compensation from these vehicles through performance.
  3. Work ethic everywhere seems to have slipped, but not here. We eat lunch at our desks, we often work Saturdays and our golf scores are terrible. Still passionate after all these years.
  4. Our strategic pooled investment funds allow for broad access to opportunities, best idea execution and more efficient management.
  5. Our thinking comes from our own desks in Kingston and away from the noise of corporate desks in Toronto or New York. We want to bring a personal perspective. It may be old school, but we still design our own analytical tools, customized models, and solutions. The great majority of financial information these days is of the ‘cut-and-paste’ variety. Canned packages prevail. That is not our style
  6. The sum of our thoughts has led to an investment planning model that is ‘goal-based’ instead of ‘dream-based’.  The objective of each account is determined and the final destination of each asset factored in. This is always a work-in-process so it can be updated regularly. We don’t believe in lengthy financial plans that come in beautiful binders that will be out of date soon after they are written.
  7. We feature a very flexible fee structure. Unlike the institutions, the size of your basket of money is not the sole determinant for us.  We want to invest in you, not against you.
  8. We offer a boutique service philosophy. All organizations claim to have great service. But what does this really mean? We believe service should be measured and it should be part of our culture. We all still answer our own phone. We are open for business during noon hour. We still make home visits where required. Messages are answered as soon as they are retrieved. Money is transferred as soon as it is requested. Clients often stop by without an appointment. Annual client birthday cards are personally designed.
  9. We try to think big. Being locally operated allows us to leverage the power of creativity a lot more than the big firms. This means constantly being on the outlook for higher end investments, planning tools, and international opportunities for growth. Everything appears here first.
  10. We are somewhat fanatical about measurement. We measure everything. There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t clearly know your returns over any period of time, your real costs, and where you are in relationship to your goals.