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Marilyn June, BA Director of Client Experience

Also known as M, I am the first face here at Salute.  Randy and the team are a pleasure to work with.  We are a dynamic, client-centered office where we actually all enjoy working together and putting forth our best efforts.  We work hard, laugh together and prioritize our health, our clients and our relationships.

 Prior to coming to Salute, I worked for 7 years as Administrator of a small private school.  Attending to the constant demands of faculty and parents around the daily care and education of children, meeting compliance, and especially helping to maintain the safety and happiness of children and their parents was a juggling act that I loved.  Even so, I eventually found myself ready for a change and a door opened with Randy for the positon of Office Manager.

My university education has not prevented me from enjoying the finer things in life. Through work, I express my natural love of people and outside of work I am a card-carrying homebody.  I love to cook. I love to be active and inspired. I love to read. I have 4 great kids.  I run most days just enough, and, as I live downtown, I have the luxury to walk or bike everywhere including to work.  In a world where everyone is challenged to be somebody else, I find I’m happy to be me.