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Randy Cleary, Portfolio Manager Founder and Principal of Salute Financial Entrepreneurs
of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

The ‘Portfolio Manager’ industry registration category allows me to design and manage client’s money on a discretionary basis.

I am very fortunate to have been exposed to bottom line responsibilities in large corporations, as a small business owner, and in a senior position in a private firm. Combined with my investment experience, this diversification has allowed me to learn about real people and real life situations.

Key client goals include making higher returns than they could achieve anywhere else, and helping them to make a more meaningful connection between their wealth and their life.

Having not grown up in the financial services industry, I tend to challenge many things that others just accept. When they are asking when, how, or where, I want to know why.

When a conversation breaks out about your biggest fear in life, mine is always that I am not thinking big enough.

Continuous learning is my cornerstone. With each passing 5-year period it’s always both refreshing and frustrating to know how much smarter you are now and how stupid you were then. Sometimes I wonder if it will still be this way when I’m 95.

I basically work most of the time. I plead guilty.

My family members are big participants in making an impact. Because there are so many inefficiencies in most standard charitable giving systems we decided to take another route. We think that a program of direct reinvestment in people is much more in sync with our entrepreneurial make up, and will provide a whole new stream of returns for clients.

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